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  • Which company (or companies) had the best showing at E3 2019? Did certain publishers really show everyone up? Get your knife sharpened in the comments section, because it's time to take a side!

  • Ubisoft tried to justify its toying with politics, and well, it's a bit silly. Should the company just take a stance, or continue to sit this debate out?

  • CheatCC concludes its E3 press conference wrap-ups with announcements revealing the long-awaited Avengers game, a new subscription service and more!

  • The first weekend from the event brought with it some of the biggest conferences out there. EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda all showed up with some of their biggest titles and updates, so check out part one of our wrap-up and get the complete rundown!

  • Castlevania is back under the spotlight, and that rules. Here's why the Castlevania Anniversary Collection is what any true fan or newcomer needs, sucking their away!

DOOM Eternal - Story Trailer

Raze Hell. DOOM Eternal launches on 11.22.19. Watch the all-new Story Trailer for DOOM Eternal, the much-anticipated sequel to DOOM (2016).

Here's Why the Switch's Pokemon Excludes Some Characters

Here's why the Galar Dex, and not the National Dex, will be in Sword and Shield.

Who "Won" E3 2019?

Which company (or companies) had the best showing at E3 2019? Did certain publishers really show everyone up?

Could This Be the Best Baldur's Gate Ever?

Is Baldur's Gate III already shaping up to be a bigger deal than its predecessors? Could this mark a new age of good D&D video games?

Top 10 Kick-Ass Video Game Monsters

Yes, these monsters are there to kick players' butts. Sure, they're supposed to be our worst enemies. But all ten of these characters are so cool!

Terminator May Join Mortal Kombat 11

Another leak suggests that someone "Will be back" for Mortal Kombat 11.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Trailer

The Jedi have fallen. Now you will rise. In STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™, hone your Force powers, master lightsaber combat, and learn to fight like a Jedi.

Does Ubisoft’s Political Stance Make Any Sense?

Ubisoft tried to justify its toying with politics, and well, it's a bit silly. Should the company just take a stance?

Marvel’s Avengers Won’t Be an Open World Game

Lots of Marvel's Avengers tidbits have been revealed regarding its scope, its campaign, and what players' team rosters could look like.

Leaks Aren’t the Same as Spoilers (So Calm Down)

Does a game announcement leaking early spoil the fun? Or are leaks just a part of marketing and making announcements even better?

Top 5 Cyberpunk Games (That Aren't 2077)

Cyberpunk 2077 is a ways away. Some players might even wonder if it is right for them. For those on the fence, don't worry. There are plenty of other amazing cyberpunk games to play right now.

Atari VCS Can Be Upgraded, Run PC Games in Its Sandbox

The Atari VCS will have store-exclusive designs, abilities for people to upgrade parts of it on their own, and a Sandbox mode.

Marvel's Avengers - Reveal Trailer

Marvel's Avengers begins at A-Day, where Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow and Thor are unveiling a hi-tech Avengers Headquarters in San Francisco.

[E3 2019] LOZ: Link’s Awakening Wakes in September

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening isn't so far away for Nintendo Switch owners!

[E3 2019] 2 Super Smash Bros DLC Characters Shared

Dragon Quest and Banjo-Kazooie will settle it in Smash.

[E3 2019] Wrap-up Part 2: Nintendo, Square Enix & Ubisoft

Nintendo, Square Enix, and Ubisoft close out everything at this year's E3.

[E3 2019] Animal Crossing Switch Bumped to 2020

The next Animal Crossing won't take Switch owners to their own island until 2020.

[E3 2019] Last Xbox One Backward Compatible Games Revealed

The last Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One X-enhanced games are here for the Xbox One.

[E3 2019] Final Fantasy VII Remake LE Is $330

Better have a lot of cash on hand for this limited edition.

[E3 2019] Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Announced

Final Fantasy VIII is finally making a comeback.

[E3 2019] Rainbow Six Quarantine Coming in 2020

The next Rainbow Six installment is hosting some new, foreign adversaries.

[E3 2019] Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Beta in September

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will have a beta and might also have a Terminator.

[E3 2019] Watch Dogs: Legion Arriving in 2020

Get ready for everyone to join DedSec in Watch Dogs: Legion.

[E3 2019] Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day Dated

Get ready to assemble in 2020.